About Us

Rising Hope, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation founded by the late Rev. Dr. George (Bill) W. Webber, President Emeritus of New York Theological Seminary, and Dr. Marian Bohen, a college educator and Ursuline nun.  The corporation’s Board of Directors is comprised entirely of volunteers, including the program coordinators at each facility, educators, Rising Hope alumni and others, all of whom share a passionate commitment.

Pillars of Rising Hope who are no longer with us

December 2018 saw the passing of two individuals who played a vital role in the life of Rising Hope, Inc.  Sr. Marian Bohan served as Program Coordinator of the Certificate in Ministry and Human Services Program (now called Rising Hope) from its inception in 1995 through May 2003.  Robert Lukey first became involved in 1996 and became treasurer in 2002.  He went on to become President of the Board, a post he held until 2014.  The Board  will miss Bob’s observations which come from his long history with Rising Hope.  This past November we lost another stalwart member of our Board.  W. Kathleen Reid,  who taught at Woodbourne Correctional Facility also served as secretary of our board for many years.  We miss her!

Board of Directors:

Susan Ulrich, President

Jordan Scruggs, Vice President

Deborah Moore, Secretary

Gary Carriero, Treasurer

Dr. Mark Lindeman, Academic Coordinator and Academic Records Coordinator

Susan Ulrich, Coordinator, Woodbourne Correctional Facility

Murthy Cheruvu, Coordinator, Fishkill Correctional Facility

Kimberly Malone, Coordinator, Sing Sing Correctional Facility

Ernest Henry, Coordinator, Re-Entry Program

Wayne Atwell

Melissa Boyer

David Shover

Jordan Scruggs

Dr. Ronne Marantz

Heather Miller