“My life has been forever changed –
not by prison bars, but by education and love.”

— Rising Hope Alumnus

Rising Hope, Inc. provides college-level courses to people incarcerated in New York State correctional facilities.  These currently include Sing Sing,  Fishkill, and Woodbourne Correctional Facilities… <more>

2022 Highlights

Rising Hope has reintroduced me to the meaning of humanity

– Rising Hope Student

In this last year the Rising Hope program has continued to educate, empower, and transform the lives of individuals incarcerated in New York State prisons.
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Rising Hope – an investment in advancing hope, dignity, and success for our students, their families, and our communities!

Kimberly Malone, hosts a conversation with Rising Hope alumni Jermaine Archer and Kenyatta Hughes

What our alumni are saying…

“My time in Rising Hope really changed the direction of my life”


“I am forever grateful to the Rising Hope family that gave me HOPE and helped me RISE above water when I was sinking deep into misery”


“Going through the program gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment I had never gotten anywhere before”


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“Rising Hope has been the most important teaching assignment I’ve ever had”


“I am regularly inspired by the wisdom and depth the students have to offer”


“These classes were the most personally satisfying of my university teaching career”


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We are determined to continue to offer Rising Hope to men who want to transform their lives through the education we provide”

— Rising Hope Coordinator

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